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Eye on the Environment

Environmental Stewardship is one of the Core Values that are the foundation of our company, defining how we at Corman Marine connect with customers, business partners, the general public and the world in which we all live. We believe that every aspect of our business impacts this Core Value, and we are committed to practices that preserve, sustain and protect the environment. We recycle everything from paper to scrap steel. We use the waste oil from heavy equipment to heat our buildings. We use recycled and well water in outdoor sprinkler systems. We’ve been doing it since 1984. In short, as Environmental Stewards, we are dedicated to finding ways to put words into action and preserve the environment.

We are equally committed to Environmental Stewardship on our projects. We demonstrate that commitment by doing everything possible to minimize or eliminate the effects of our operations on the environment. We ensure that we are compliant with all environmental requirements on all projects, from design to construction. We operate our fleet of tugs and barges in compliance with all applicable environment regulations and policies to protect the waters where we work from oily wastewater, non-oily wastewater, and hazardous materials through the implementation of environmentally sound practices.

Corman Marine works on many environmental protection or improvement projects for MES (Maryland Environment Service), the US Army Corp of Engineers, and others, including creating Oyster Reefs to replenish oyster beds around the Chesapeake, installing rock revetments and breakwaters to prevent shore erosion, and beach replenishment.

All field personnel in management positions, from lead persons to project managers, are required to become E&S certified, as part of various state Erosion and Sediment Control Programs. This exceeds by far the requirement for one qualified person on a project. E&S certification requires hours of classwork and successful completion of a test to qualify. From the time water touches the ground on one of our projects, we are responsible for it and how it is handled until it goes back into the water table. We help to protect our water resources, the bays, rivers and streams, and the wildlife that depend on it.

It is through our employees and their commitment to being Best in Class that we continually develop and improve the management of our environmental responsibilities.


Safety is our Priority

Corman Marine has an exemplary safety track record.

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