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Shoreline Protection

Overuse, harsh or changing weather conditions, climate change, wind, as well as other natural and human factors are taking their toll on our shorelines and beaches. Everyone benefits from protecting our environment—especially our shoreline, and as part of our environmental stewardship effort, Corman Marine Construction offers both hard and soft shoreline protection. From “hard” protection including concrete or large stone (riprap) to “soft” measures such as beach nourishment, wave screens and submerged breakwaters, Corman Marine Construction is doing its part to help protect our shoreline.

Corman Marine Construction has completed shoreline protection projects for Thornton Beach, the Department of Natural Resources, Maryland Port Authority, MdTA, Maryland Environmental Services and Sandy Point State Park.

To learn more about our Shoreline Protection experience, please visit our Project Portfolio or contact us at 410-424-1870.

Safety is our Priority

Corman Marine has an exemplary safety track record.

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